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Summer Camp is Coming!

Posted on 04-14-2017 | Ben Fernandes

Kids R Kids Learning Academy — with locations in Valrico and Circa Fishhawk — is now enrolling for our 2017 Summer Camp program! We wanted to take a moment to let you know what your kids will experience in our 10-week summer camp series, and why we believe you won’t find a better summer program in the greater Tampa area.

Our camp is open to children ages 5-12, and the theme this year is “We’re Connected!” Our campers will explore their own hidden talents, and find new potential passions and intriguing interests. We’ll have activities that include art, cooking, engineering, community service and more — there will be something for every child, no matter their age or interests!

In keeping with our theme, we will be encouraging campers to form meaningful connections with one another, as well as with their own families. In fact, families can get in on the fun across social media with the hashtag #KRKCAMP17.

Each week we’ll have a different focus:

1. #EngineerIt. Do your kids want to know how things work? Gadgets galore will be the focus of this minicamp, with opportunities to explore robotics, experiment with simple machines, and develop their own original engineering projects.

2. #BeyondIt. This space-themed minicamp will encourage campers to set up their own mission control and plan an adventure to the stars. They will communicate back with command central, plot their course, and explore a distant imaginary planet.

3. #ProduceIt. For those with a flair for the dramatic, this minicamp will be their favorite week! Campers will create their own dramatic production, be it a play, a dance, a song or another talent.

4. #MoveIt. Dance, in particular, is the focus of this week, with campers invited to bring their best steps. They will learn cultural dances from around the world, as well as get the opportunity to create their own original movements.

5. #LiveIt. Healthy living is a key to a long and happy life, so this week we’ll be focusing on teaching our campers ways to stay fit, what it means to have good nutrition, and how they can find physical activity in places they might not expect.

6. #LoveIt. Our planet only works when we all work together. We’ll bring together pets, plants and people, with a focus on existing together and respecting everyone around them.

7. #ImagineIt. Abra Cadabra! We’ll enter a world of magic this week, where campers will use their imagination to create, explore and mesmerize onlookers!

8. #PicassoIt. This week is all about the art. Campers will get the opportunity to recreate famous masterpieces, as well as create their own original works. They’ll learn about different types of media and artistic techniques, and learn how art infuses our everyday lives.

9. #CookIt. Everyone should know how to cook some basic meals for themselves, so this week we’ll focus on teaching campers different cooking techniques, how to read recipes, measurements and conversions, and more.

10. #GiveIt. Finally, we will end our Summer Camp season with a week focused on giving back, and the importance of community service. We’ll organize a drive for a local charity in need, and kick off a giving campaign for a charity of each camper’s choice.

We are very excited about our 2017 Summer Camp series, and we can’t wait to see you there! 

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Valrico

4321 Lynx Paw Trail, Valrico, FL 33596

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