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4 Crucial Summer Camp Safety Tips

Posted on 08-11-2017

From campfire songs to nature walks, summer camp is a fun and exciting time for kids. But you want to rest assured knowing your child is in good hands. Brush up on some summer camp safety recommendations before dropping your child off for their adventure.

Here are four crucial tips to ensure summer camp safety for your kids.

Summer Camp Safety Tips

Knowing that your kids will be safe at summer camp may take some research on your part beforehand. Here are a few ways to make sure the camp you choose can promise summer camp safety.

Happy Kids During Summer Camping

1. Ask Camp Directors the Right Questions

Brochures may have plenty of nice things to say about a summer camp, but your intuition will be better informed by talking to a camp director in person. Get to know the camp director, as they'll be the person ensuring your child's safety.

Ask about the director's background and the type of training the camp counselors received. Find out the counselor-to-camper ratio, and ask the ages of the counselors. Ask for any information you need to know to feel that your child will be safe.

2. Check the Medication Policy

If your child needs to take medication, learn what the summer camp's rules are for such things. Some camps discourage parents from sending nonprescription medications.

You don't need to sneak any nonprescription medications with your child. Making the staff aware of your child's medication needs is the best way to ensure summer camp safety.

3. Check the Playground Equipment

More than 213,000 kids younger than 18 are treated in the United States hospital emergency departments for playground-related injuries every year. Since playground injuries are so common, you'll want to make sure the summer camp's playground equipment is safe for children to use.

If you're sending your child to a summer camp, see if you can visit the site beforehand. Then you can check their playground equipment.

Ensure that the equipment is sturdy and secure. Avoid concrete playgrounds, since falling is so common at a playground. Check that there aren't any sharp edges on the playground equipment.

Black rubber swings and metal slides are known to attract the sun's heat. These can be dangerous on hot summer days. Make sure the playground is up to your summer camp safety standards.

4. Keep Allergies in Mind

Ask the camp director about what activities kids will be partaking in. If your child has specific allergies, you need to know what they'll be exposed to. In any case, consider sending Benadryl or an Epi-pen with your child if they suffer from serious allergy attacks.

If food allergies are an issue, get to know what kind of food the camp will be serving. Clearly communicate to the staff any foods your child needs to avoid.

Choose a Summer Camp You Trust

Summer camp safety is not something to take lightly. Implement these tips before sending your child to camp. While missing your child is inevitable, at least you'll know they're in good hands.

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